Author Guidelines

Manuscript Categories

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development (JIRSD) invites manuscripts/ articles/ research contributions under the following categories:

  • Research Articles: Not exceeding 6,000 words.
  • General Articles: Not exceeding 4,000 words
  • Review Articles: Not exceeding 8,000 words
  • Research Communication: Not exceeding 2,000 words
  • Book Review: Not exceeding 2,000 words
  • News: Not exceeding 800 words
  • Correspondence: Not exceeding 600 words
  • Opinion: Not exceeding 1,000 words and including maximum one display item

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Manuscript Preparation

  • Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced using Times New Roman font and 12 font-size in an A4 document.
  • The pages should be numbered consecutively, starting with the Title page and through the text and reference list.
  • The manuscript should be ordered as follows: Title page, Abstract, Keywords, Text, Acknowledgements (if any), Funding information (if any), References.
  • Tables and Figures should be included within the text and should be appropriately titled (see below).
  • The title page should contain Title, Name of Author(s), Author(s) Affiliation(s) and indicate Corresponding author. Email address of all the authors must be provided.
  • The title should be brief, specific and amenable to indexing.
  • Not more than five keywords should be indicated separately; these should be chosen carefully and must not be phrases of several words.
  • Abstract should convey the main points of the paper, outline the results and conclusions, and explain the significance of the results.

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Information for Reviewers

JIRSD is a Peer-reviewed Journal. Articles submitted to JIRSD undergo a rigorous Peer-review process before they are considered for publishing in this Journal. Each reviewer is sent an information package on how to conduct the review, along with the manuscript in question.

If you would like to become a Reviewer for JIRSD, please submit your areas of research interest and expertise to the email